MGS Logo

Medical Gas Solutions Ltd (MGS) was established in 2003 with a clear vision to provide Medical Gases and Medical Devices to the Healthcare Industry.

Acquired by Flogas in April 2012 (part of the DCC Group), MGS is expanding its product portfolio to include Industrial Gases.

Through our distribution network and regional depots MGS is able to deliver its gases nationwide whilst providing tailored solutions for a wide range of customers.

As a leading provider within the Medical Gas and Device industry we aim to provide our customers with the highest level of products and customer service whether it be through individual sale or as part of a provision of service.



Our Mission Statement


Our Business

We aim to operate an ethical business in the provision of Medical Gases, Medical Devices and Industrial Gases, offering products and services which provide value for money.

Quality to our Customer

We value our customers as the foundation of our business.  Our relationships with our customers and suppliers are based on the principles of respect and mutual benefit.  We aim to develop profitable and lasting relationships.  We want to build on what we do well, and to be innovative and flexible to meet the needs of our customers.

Quality to our Investors

We have a long-term responsibility to everyone who has a stake in the business to operate with care, efficiency, and at a profit.  Our objective is to earn the profits needed to provide a consistent increase in the value of our shareholders’ investments, and to finance the on-going development and growth of our business.

Quality of our Staff

We respect the experience and skills of our staff, and value the contribution that every person makes to the business.  We recognise that pride and enjoyment in the job comes from commitment, leadership by example and accomplishment.  Our goal is to work together to reward, train and develop our staff in ways which acknowledge performance and individual abilities. 

Quality to the Community and Environment

We recognise that our actions must acknowledge our responsibilities for the wellbeing and stability of the community, and for the environment as a whole. We endeavour, wherever possible, to recruit locally and to purchase from local suppliers.  This affords us the dual benefit of giving back to the community in which we exist, and of reducing the effect of carbon emissions on the environment.